About Matchmaking Process
About Professional Matchmaking Process
Our Mission
To make a difference by connecting people, not biodatas
Our Values
Integrity, authenticity and being non-judgemental
Our Motto
To challenge the status quo


  • Beyond communities

    We match you on the values you share with each other, your mindset and personality - not your community or caste.
  • Beyond geographies

    We take the search far and wide, across the world because that ideal person may not be living in your city.
  • Beyond biodatas

    We believe every individual is an interesting book to be read and understood between the lines.
  • Beyond search filters

    We are an offline service. We work as your confidante to find you a real, human connection with someone who gets you.
  • Bespoke and Confidential

    We personalise every search, there is no cookie-cutter solution to finding the right person. Our team offers the highest levels of confidentiality, given how personal this space is for each member.
  • Highly selective

    We are very particular in who we accept as our members. We pride ourselves on the network we have curated.
  • Quality over Quantity

    Our searches tend to be slow given our focus on quality over the number of profiles shared.


Understanding you as an individual is how we start the journey of finding you the right life partner. Your life, your experiences, your family fabric, your world-view and your vision for your future - there is a lot to know and we endeavour to understand your thought process through the period of your membership. This helps us connect you with that right someone, from wherever in the world they may be.

Professional Matchmaking Work
VFE Professional Matchmaking Work


  1. Submit your membership application.
  2. A member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your search.
  3. We discuss the best membership plan for you.
  4. Once you sign up a detailed video conversation will follow.
  5. Matches are shared keeping a quality over quantity approach at the forefront.
  6. Once we get a nod of approval from both members we make the introductions for you to take forward in an organic manner.
  7. We depend heavily on feedback from you on profiles shared. This helps us fine tune the search by giving us much needed clarity on profiles that work and reasons for those that don’t.
About Professional Matchmaker
About Professional Matchmakers


Our membership pool consists of industrialists, business people, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and celebrities from across the world with the majority located in India and the United States. Belonging to well to do, progressive families, they are well-educated, cosmopolitan, global individuals who are seriously looking to get married not because they are incomplete on their own but because they believe that life is even more beautiful when shared with the right partner.

About 60% of our members are on this magical journey with us looking for the right person for the first time.

Then there are those who have healed themselves from their past and believe in finding happiness with someone again. About 30% of our members across various age groups are looking to find love one more time.

Life experiences teach us a lot, particularly resilience and acceptance especially when we have had the wisdom of being over 55. The ability to bounce back from adversity and to keep the zest for life, laughing, sharing, dreaming and being open to finding companionship. About 10% of our members are at this stage of their lives.

Our members represent the crème de la crème of society and demand nothing but the best quality in service that money can buy - and being selected by them as a matrimonial search firm anchored on our core values, team experience and empathy is a testimony that makes us truly proud.

VFE Matchmaking Blog
Our Professional Matchmakers


Our approach has always been focused on quality be it externally by way of our membership pool or internally by our team. The VFE core team is a group of people between the ages of 30-65 who share the passion and vision of our Founder and CEO, Anuradha Gupta. What sets them apart is not only their varied global exposure and diverse backgrounds but also their strength of character when faced with adversity.

Their range and depth of experience helps them to understand where people are coming from and enables them to relate to different circumstances without any judgement. It is the belief that, in life, we have no control over the cards that are dealt to us but what is in our hands is how we choose to react to them. That is what truly defines the team at VFE.