About Matchmaking Process
About Professional Matchmaking Process
Our Mission
At Vows for Eternity, our mission is to bring hearts together and kindle lasting connections through a curated, bespoke, and confidential matrimonial search. We are dedicated to celebrating the diversity of love and meaningful relationships, guided by the timeless wisdom of matchmaking, while embracing the ever-evolving landscape of modern day relationships. With personalised attention and utmost respect for privacy, we aim for a journey of introspection melded with wholesome interactions where souls find their rightful homes, united by love that transcends boundaries and endures for eternity.
Our Vision
Our vision at Vows for Eternity is to be the leading curator of authentic, soulful, and transformative matchmaking experiences. We envision a world where individuals, regardless of their background, find the courage to embark on a journey of love, knowing they are supported by a team that values tradition and innovation in equal measure. Committed to excellence and averse to mediocrity, we aspire to be catalysts for stories of matrimonial harmony that resonate across generations, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of human relationships.

Our Process

We offer an exclusive and highly personalised matchmaking process that goes beyond digital boundaries, celebrating the resilience and charm of face-to-face interactions. It is carefully designed to cater to those seeking a meaningful yet confidential search for a life partner.

  • Personal Consultation: Your journey with us begins with a discreet and in-depth consultation. We invest time to understand your values, aspirations, and preferences, ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of what you seek in a partner.
  • Curated Bespoke Search: Utilising the insights gained during the consultation, our team of expert matchmakers embarks on a tailored search. We carefully curate potential matches based on genuine compatibility, cultural affinities, and shared interests, taking into account your unique requirements and specific criteria.
  • Offline Approach: In an age of digitised love, we believe in the magic of in-person encounters. We’re wholly offline. This allows you to meet potential matches face-to-face, enabling authentic interactions and a deeper understanding of each other.
  • Global Reach: Love knows no boundaries, and neither does our search. With a vast network of candidates and globetrotters from diverse backgrounds around the world, we transcend geographical constraints to bring together hearts that resonate.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy: Your privacy is our utmost priority. We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality, ensuring that all communication and information shared during the matchmaking process remain strictly confidential.
  • Introductions and Guidance: Upon identifying potential matches, we facilitate introductions in a respectful, considerate manner with our team providing guidance and support.
  • Timeless Values: While we embrace modernity, we recognize the enduring value of centuries-old matchmaking wisdom. Our process is imbued with cultural sensitivity and a reverence for tradition, making the journey of love all the more enriching.
  • Celebrating Love and Diversity: We celebrate love in all its forms and are committed to fostering an inclusive environment. Our service welcomes individuals from various backgrounds, orientations, and belief systems, ensuring that each heart has an opportunity to find its true match.

At Vows for Eternity, we believe that true love knows no boundaries, and our matchmaking is a testament to that belief. Join us in this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, where the threads of love are woven with care and intention, creating lifelong bonds that stand the test of time.


Understanding you as an individual is how we start the journey of finding you the right life partner. Your life, your experiences, your family fabric, your world-view and your vision for your future - there is a lot to know and we endeavour to understand your thought process through the period of your membership. This helps us connect you with that right someone, from wherever in the world they may be.

Professional Matchmaking Work
VFE Professional Matchmaking Work

How It Works?

  1. Submit your membership application.
  2. A member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your search.
  3. We discuss the best membership plan for you.
  4. Once you sign up a detailed video conversation will follow.
  5. Matches are shared keeping a quality over quantity approach at the forefront.
  6. Once we get a nod of approval from both members we make the introductions for you to take forward in an organic manner.
  7. We depend heavily on feedback from you on profiles shared. This helps us fine tune the search by giving us much needed clarity on profiles that work and reasons for those that don’t.
About Professional Matchmaker
About Professional Matchmakers

Our Members

At Vows for Eternity, our members form a remarkable tapestry of diverse and accomplished individuals, each with a unique story of success and a shared desire to find their life partner through a curated and confidential search. From aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up founders to established business families, well-established professionals, and celebrities, our community represents a rich array of backgrounds and achievements.

Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Founders: Our community embraces the visionary minds and enterprising spirits who have taken bold steps to shape their destinies. We understand the challenges and aspirations that come with building a business and strive to find partners who can complement their entrepreneurial journey with love and support.

Established Business Families: For those hailing from business families, we recognize the unique dynamics and responsibilities that accompany such a legacy. Our matchmaking process takes into account the need for a partner who can seamlessly blend into the family fabric while maintaining individuality and shared aspirations.

Well-Established Professionals: Accomplished professionals in various fields bring their dedication, expertise, and passion to our community. Whether in finance, medicine, law, academia, or any other vocation, we appreciate their desire for a love that complements their professional success.

Celebrities: In the realm of public figures and celebrities, we offer a confidential and discreet space for them to seek genuine connections beyond the limelight. Our service understands the challenges of fame and values the need for privacy and understanding in their search for love.

Within this global network of accomplished individuals, we cherish the values of respect, confidentiality, and cultural sensitivity. Our commitment to personalised attention ensures that each member's unique preferences and desires are taken into account, offering a tailored matchmaking experience that aligns with their individual lifestyles.

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Our Professional Matchmakers

Our Team

Welcome to our extraordinary team, where individuals aged 35 to 70, each carrying diverse life stories, come together from different parts of the world to celebrate the enduring power of love.

We've walked different paths, faced a myriad of challenges, and achieved numerous triumphs. Our collective experiences are a testament to the strength of human resilience. What sets our team apart is not just individual expertise but our ability to collaborate seamlessly despite being geographically dispersed. Spanning across continents and time zones, we harness the power of technology and the bonds of our shared belief in connections to create something truly magical.

We learn from one another, drawing inspiration from the customs and traditions that have shaped us. It's this very diversity that infuses our work with an eclectic blend of creativity and authenticity.

Our belief in love is the glue that binds us together. It's the driving force behind every email we send, every call we make, and every detail we meticulously plan. We know that love has the power to heal, to unite, and to elevate the human spirit, and we carry this knowledge in our hearts as we work dedicatedly to craft the most significant journey of our clients' lives.