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FAQs about Matrimonial


The Bigger Picture

We have never been about arranged marriages, only about arranged introductions. In today’s day and time, it’s even more important that two people get to know each other enough to, at the very least, be comfortable with each other. Not everyone who found their loved one through us has had a love marriage, but they certainly shared that space where two people feel comfortable with each other. We strongly encourage our members to give each other the chance and time to be friends before discussing any next steps.

As we move away from our homes and known social circles, it becomes more challenging, especially with age, to expand our social network, making it even more difficult to meet that special someone. There is also a certain emotional “investment” required when getting to know someone, and that vetting process can be tricky and unsuccessful for many people. That is where we come in. We connect people who are aligned on things that truly matter in a lifelong partnership, giving them both a platform and access through the global reach that we enjoy. We also execute a significant part of the vetting process by sharing only shortlisted profiles based on your key criteria.

Our members are well-educated, successful and global in their thought processes. Most of all, they are realistically aware of the challenges that exist when it comes to finding a partner and intelligent enough to know that it doesn't hurt to be introduced to other like-minded people. Especially by a service like ours that has both the sensibilities that members can relate to and the outreach that they are looking for.

We view marriage the way it’s meant to have always been - as an equal partnership. One where two people bring respect, love, friendship and integrity as the building blocks to cement a relationship. They decide to share their life because they are better together.

Traditional Matchmaking:

  • The process typically results in an 'arranged marriage.'
  • Emphasises a shorter timeline for matches from introduction to marriage.
  • The 'getting to know each other' typically happens post-marriage.
  • Family tends to lead the process.

Personalised Matchmaking:

  • The focus is on making it organic, so 'arranged introductions' instead of 'arranged marriages.'
  • Takes a holistic approach, considering ecosystem, temperamental, aspirational, and emotional fit.
  • Prioritises getting to know each other and is conscious of the time that it takes to get to a place where two people are not strangers anymore.
  • Individual preferences play a significant role, with the family in a supportive role.

Our Members & Memberships

Our members represent the crème de la crème of society and demand nothing but the best quality of service that money can buy. When entrusting us as a matrimonial search firm, they know how anchored we are in our core values. The team experience and empathy we offer our clients through the process makes us truly proud of the service we deliver.

We count industrialists, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and successful corporate professionals among our global member base. What truly binds them together is that whilst each of our members is a successful, well-travelled, progressive, cosmopolitan individual, they are yet to find that one special person they want to share their life with.

On one hand, love is such a raw and powerful emotion, and on the other, it brings with it so much softness, anchoring, emotional security and friendship. With the right person, this partnership is truly magical. About 60% of our members across various age groups wish to experience this "magic" for the first time. They have not experienced a marital relationship before and are looking for the commitment and sense of belonging that marriage brings. While someone is not incomplete without a partner, having someone special come into your life to make it even more beautiful is what they desire.

No one gets into a marriage thinking it won't be "forever". However, sometimes, despite one's best efforts, things work out differently than we would like them to. When that does occur, it feels like one's world will come crashing down; the security blanket we once thought we had is gone.

Some people have the courage to walk away from their marriage and, with time and healing, look at restarting life. They are the "believers"-- believing in the beauty of love and the magic that comes with holding the hand of someone you love. About 30% of our members are "believers" across various age groups, looking to find love, stability and forever one more time.

For those over 55, life and its experiences have given them wisdom and taught them resilience and acceptance. They have the ability to bounce back from adversity and to keep their zest for life, laughter, sharing, dreaming and finding love at a later stage. For them, it's about accepting that very little in life goes as planned and believing in the power of "possibilities". About 10% of our members are over 55 and believe in "possibilities".

These percentages do change over a period of time, but they are currently in the ballpark range of:

Age: 70% of our members are between 24-40 years.
30% are below 24 and over 40 years of age.

Location: About 45% are located across the US,
40% are in India,
and 15% are in Europe and the rest of Asia.

Our members are looking for a partner who will be their confidante and soulmate – a rare combination that is unique and difficult to find. Our matchmaking process is as organic as possible, with a strong focus on quality over quantity. The memberships are classified into three categories: Base level, Mid-level and Our Signature Services.

Please visit our Memberships page to for more details

Yes, we offer all our memberships in these geographies, but have designed our base- level membership, The Element to cater to T full-time residents of Australia, Canada and the UK. Please visit our memberships page to know more about each membership.

This depends on the tier of membership you are signed up for.

We feel a sense of accomplishment with our approximate 22-24% success rate, even though we are constantly working to better the graph. Through COVID-19, these numbers have dipped, but as things normalise, we expect that our numbers will be back on track as more people return to looking for sincere partnerships and marriage as they journey through life.

Here is a table to guide you through our memberships:

At a Glance Circle (6 Months) Circle (1 Year) Circle Plus Arch Pyramid Icon Our Signature Services
Type of Membership Entry level Entry level Entry level Entry level Mid Level Mid Level Click here for more information
Member location Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Remit of the search Global Global Global Global Global Global
Age Group 21-36 21-36 37-50 50+ 21-65 21-65
Welcome video call 60 Mins 90 Mins 90 Mins 90 Mins 90 Mins with the VP, Matchmaking and Alliances 2 hr call between Member/Parents and Founder, Anuradha Gupta
Dedicated Relationship Manager No Yes Yes Yes Yes Senior member of Client Experience team
Search Conducted by Matchmaking Team Matchmaking Team Matchmaking Team Matchmaking Team Matchmaking Team Head of Matchmaking overlooked by Anuradha Gupta
No of Profiles Minimum 6 Minimum 12 Minimum 6 No Minimum commitment Minimum 10* Minimum 10*
Review with Client Experience Team No Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Head of Client Experience Monthly with CE Team, and a half year catch up with Anuradha Gupta
Home Visit No No No No No No
In-House Relationship Coach No No No One session on request One session on request One session on request
Wellness Panel No No No No No One session on request
Membership Duration 6 Month 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year
Price 1.5 Lacs + GST / 2800 USD 2.5 Lacs + GST / 4200 USD 2.5 Lacs + GST / 4200 USD 2 Lacs + GST / 3000 USD 5 Lacs + GST / 7200 USD 10 Lacs + GST / 15,000 USD

**If the criteria or circumstances restrict the search for any reason be it geographical, divorced, with children, having health issues or any other special criteria it will directly impact the search and the deliverables will not hold true.

Our Process & More

  1. It starts with you completing the “apply for membership” form.
  2. Someone from our team will contact you to understand better both - what you are looking for as well as to understand your background.
  3. If you qualify and decide that you would like to become a member, please let the team member you spoke to know. We will then email you a signup link, which you use to complete the signup formalities and set up your confidential profile.
  4. All matchmaking happens once we have met with you personally or have had a video call (depending on the package) to understand better what you are looking for.
  5. Based on our conversations, closely matched profiles are shared with you. Once both people say yes, only then do we connect you via email or phone, whichever works better for you.
  6. We place a powerful emphasis on feedback and believe one needs to be very proactive in getting the most out of the search. We work with you to achieve your goal of finding a life partner; however, the more feedback you share with us on the profiles sent, the more we can fine-tune the search and the better the results.

No, we are an offline, curated, confidential search. Our website is the only thing that is online so that our members can communicate with us no matter where they are based. We share shortlisted profiles, and no one person can see another's details other than when shared by us as part of matchmaking.

We do consider certain eligibility criteria to enhance the quality of our matches. We place importance on factors such as education, values, emotional maturity, and, most significantly, a genuine intention to seek a future partner for marriage. These criteria are thoughtfully implemented to ensure compatibility and align with the relationship goals of our service. Each client is unique, and our criteria aim to facilitate connections that are not only compatible but also deeply meaningful.

We wish we could say yes. Unfortunately, the most important things in life don't come with a guarantee. Sometimes, things work, and sometimes, despite best efforts, they don't. What we can guarantee is that your search will be conducted with utmost confidentiality, care and personalisation.

No. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, Vows For Eternity does not conduct criminal background checks on any of our members. There are several reasons for this, including (but not limited to) incomplete or inaccurate criminal record databases. Background checks may give subscribers a false sense of security, and we do not want our members to have unrealistic expectations when using our services.

We strongly encourage our members to report any concerning behaviour or information about their matches to contactus@vowsforeternity.com. We will investigate every report and take any necessary and appropriate action, including termination of a member's subscription.

Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy before you sign up.

Our close-knit team consists of strong, independent women between 30-65 years of age from cultured and privileged backgrounds in various parts of the world. They have gone through their share of experiences and are driven by wanting to make a difference, however slight, in the life of someone else. At the heart of all your interactions, we hope you will see the same things we do in terms of relatability and a strong sense of integrity, which each team member intrinsically carries with them.

You can read more about the team here: "our team"

We value our members' privacy and confidentiality above all else. As such, we are unable to provide the following:

  1. Trial periods on our service
  2. Sample Profiles
  3. Detail-fueled success stories

However, we can share brief stories of relationships in which we have played a helping role. You can read about them here

Since our members are spread all over the world, we do have members from diverse faiths and communities. Whilst we can work with the confidence of your choice, despite slowing the search down considerably, we only cater to communities in our Signature Services. Please be aware that we do not work with castes and subcastes, as that is not our typical client mindset.

Sharing profiles is what we commit to in our various memberships. Introductions are made only after both people say yes to a profile. The number of profiles committed to is, therefore, different from the amount of introductions made.

Payments & More

One can pay via cheque, bank transfer or online using a credit/debit card.

We do not offer any refunds.

Membership fees are non-refundable. Please make sure you understand how our service works and carefully read through our terms and conditions before you sign up.

The membership fee is payable in full at the onset.