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Welcome to Vows for Eternity, an offline, bespoke matchmaking service where we have, over the last decade, delved into ancient Indian wisdom and philosophy, which has for centuries guided generations into treating matchmaking as much an art form as it is a science. The desire to love and be loved is universal. We all have our journeys; for some of us, our paths feel tougher and lonelier, while for others, life is a splash of sunshine and colour. The reasons may differ, but both scenarios make us realise the value of having the right person by our side. Ultimately, what is critical is having the right person to share it with. The one you can call home.

The art of matchmaking is about soul searching. It's about discovering who we are, as in the absence of knowing oneself well, the chances of being drawn to the right person become slim. Often, what may bring two people together is not enough to keep them together.

In the age of digital connections and transient bonds, at Vows for Eternity, we offer a unique blend of time-honoured matchmaking wisdom within the expanse of today's interconnected world. By doing so, we effectively establish a delicate bridge between the age-old and the contemporary, the local and the global, the community and the individual, to weave together love stories that transcend continents yet are anchored in the timeless tenets of compatibility and understanding that have led us to love time after time.

Join us in celebrating a global embrace of a tradition that has played a pivotal role in bringing people together for a lifetime.

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Marriage is not about someone coming into your life to complete you,
it's about someone walking beside you, so both your lives become even more beautiful.

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VFE Founder Anuradha Gupta

If you are here it’s probably because you are where I was a few years ago.

Anuradha Gupta Founder - CEO Message From The Founder