The Private Club

Our Private Club members are used to nothing but the best in life; with an extraordinary drive to carry forward their legacies, the world is their oyster, yet they are deeply rooted in their culture and values. Whilst they have limitless options and access to almost anything that money can buy they are fiercely private and extremely selective about who they allow in.

We are one of those they do; and we have over the last decade earned that.

Our Founder is the matchmaker for our Private Club members who belong to well established business or industrialist families and brings a decade of matchmaking experience, a strong sense of intuitiveness and understanding of cultural nuances which are so integral to the fabric of the search which is as much an art as it is a skill. Over the years she has lived in Melbourne, London, Los Angeles, New York and now San Francisco but having been born and raised in India as well as her specialisation in psychology uniquely equips her in understanding people, their vulnerabilities and life journeys and brings a coveted east meets west perspective. She believes that the more you know someone the easier it is to connect them to other like-minded individuals. Anuradha currently splits her time between the US and India.

The special curated search that we build entirely around our members' criteria involves a mix of hand holding, often bridging the gap between generations, to one of marrying the traditional with the modern which resonates deeply with our members. Traditionally matchmaking has been about families, similar socio-economic backgrounds and cultures, we integrate all of that and weave that in by keeping at the heart of the search two individuals who share similar value systems, chemistry and dreams. As a result, our service is as bespoke and discreet as is nuanced and complex in its asking with no place for algorithms.

Fee on request
  • Our process starts with video calls/ or a face to face meeting with the Executive Vice President (Memberships) to discuss what we bring to the table and if we have a mutual fit.
  • Once a member, there is a video call/ face to face meeting (travel permitting) with Anuradha and at least a video call with the family which collectively lasts between 3-5 hours.
  • Direct one to one interaction with Anuradha including a monthly catch up.
  • Our panel of Wellness Experts is available to our Private Club members as required. Anuradha will recommend experts based on the unique needs of each member for the duration of their membership.
  • Given the criteria and expectations of this tier of membership there are no defined number of profiles that are committed to. Thankfully our members whilst being extremely selective and specific are equally realistic!
  • In the second year of membership we would offer a second meeting with Anuradha or the Executive Vice President (Memberships), based on your location, to discuss the progress of your search.
  • We provide a dossier on potential matches.
  • Only in this tier, do we approach families and individuals beyond our member base by leveraging off our preferred, highly coveted networks to further enhance the search if needed.

*Anuradha currently splits her time between San Francisco and India. She has lived in New York, Los Angeles, London, Melbourne and India, therefore bringing to her members her own valuable personal experience as well as a coveted “East-meets-West” perspective. Her education, coupled with her vast experience as a matchmaker, uniquely equip her in understanding people, their vulnerabilities and their life journeys, all of which is critical in finding the right partner.